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Carbonated Spring Water

A Seltzer water borns naturally from the springs of Tehuacan in Puebla, with rich mineral and low sodium content, turning it into the perfect mineral water to be drinked as a daily basis. Its medium carbonation, doesn´t stuns the sense of taste, but the contrary because it´s cool and pleasant.

Soda of Colombian Quinine Infusion

In order to highlight the citrus notes and woody tones of the Colombian red cinchona bark, we add aromas of various citrus peels, aerate to just the right point and add sugar cane juice with stevia leaves; obtaining a drink with a pleasant bitterness, scented with fresh colours and an exquisite sense of depth on the palate, making it an exceptionally refined tonic water.

Syrup of Pure Ginger Root and Spices

Inspired by the so called "Ginger Beers" born in the English colonies, around the eighteenth century, Chiapas ginger roots combine with various endemic citrus and spices from Asia and America and the juice of the sugar cane. Its taste is aromatic and floral on the palate, with sweet notes of wild sugarcane; the ginger leaves a pleasant, mild itching sensation in one's throat.

Soda of Lychee Infusion from Sinaloa

We create this soda with a natural lychee infusion and added a light amount of pure sugar cane; moderately carbonated to enhance the delicious, fresh and perfumed characteristic flavour reminiscent of tropical fruits. Due to the climatic characteristics in Mexico, domestic production is considered one of the best in the world.

Soda of Grapefruit Juice from Michoacan

Our Pomelo soda is a mixture of the juice of two variants: red and white grapefruits from Michoacan. Red grapefruit provides distinctive sweetness and flavor, while white grapefruit provides balance with its intense aroma. We add moderately carbonated water and a bit pure cane sugar, to round out the final product.

Soda of Passion Fruit Juice from Veracruz

This soda was created with the natural juice of passion fruit pulp grown in Veracruz. We bring together sugar cane juice and moderately carbonated water to accentuate the distinctive notes of this tropical fruit. The Veracruz region grows passion fruit of excellent quality thanks to the richness of its soil and the great diversity of climate, flora, and fauna.